How to Create 3D Cartoons

It is a lot easier than you think to learn how to draw cartoons than you think. To make your characters three dimensional you need to make them come across pictorial and have a perception of proportions.

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Using the correct colors are of great consequence. Also putting the shadows at the best place can play a decisive role in your drawing. Adding shadows is a matter from exercise. There are a number of programs to teach you เว็บดูการ์ตูนออนไลน์ . You can also learn it yourself by studying objects in different places of your room in natural light.

Doing your cartoon step by step enables you to make it on the computer by using a drawing tablet. First start drawing your contours of your cartoon. You can add a black color to add firmness to the contour. Without thinking of your shadows start coloring your character. The shadows will come later. Look first at the whole picture.

After filling your contour with color, add shadows with the right shades of these same colors. You can use the same colors but use the darker or lighter shades. Under the chin, in the face to give it a rounder look if that’s what you want. By shading the eyes properly it will give your animal cartoon more of a “live” look.

Be aware, If you have drawn a baby animal make sure that your head is bigger than normal. That rule applies also to babies. Proportions are more important than colors when you want to create people.
Using the face is a great way to exaggerate more or less details to make your cartoon funny and amusing.

The proportions of a kid character will have a body about the same height as the head, while an adult character will give the impression of being perfect with the body twice the height of the head. The animal or human cartoon is ready to make them in 3d animation. Good luck! Well done.

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