The N-Strike Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 Nerf Gun

The N-Strike Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 is one of NERF’s new Nerf blasters for 2009. Delivered toward the beginning of September of 2009, the Raider Rapid Fire is a 35 round monster that will always change how you NERF.

With an all inclusive clasp that works with the Recon CS-6 and Longshot, the Raider’s clasp is absolutely great. Each Nerfer will without uncertainty view the limit as game change. Reload less and shoot more with the Raider.

Different elements it has incorporate the hammer discharge activity, which permits you to rapidly siphon and fire the pretend rifle without any problem. Sending volleys of darts is simple, and with the retractable stock you can consistent your shots for better precision.

The whole Nerf weapon has an advanced camo design imprinted on it, giving it a pleasant cool looking completion. The clasp makes it look shockingly like a submachine gun, which many fans rushed to call attention to upon its delivery.

Estimated at a cool $34, the Raider CS-35 is close to the cost of the electronic Nerf Vulcan. Nonetheless, what puts these two Nerf firearms separated beside the Vulcan being completely programmed, is the ammunition limit of the Raider (35 rounds contrasted with 25 in the Vulcan), and the reality it sticks MUCH not exactly the Vulcan.

Assuming you’re searching for a Nerf weapon that will 12 ga shot shoot rapidly, and can convey a great deal of ammunition – the Raider is it. Its NERF’s gift for the fast terminating fiends in the Nerf people group.

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