Reel Good Review

The Reel Good app is an easy-to-use search engine that aggregates content from top streaming services such as HBO, Amazon Prime Video, Showtime, FXNow, and more. It offers a simple interface, including search by title, director, and cast. Reelgood is also compatible with Apple TV. However, it is important to note that the web version of Reelgood is lacking polish, with some longer descriptions being cut off.

Rethinking your business purpose in a changing world

With more people deciding to ditch pay TV, the need for a centralized source for content has become more difficult. As rights deals get tangled up in a maze of services, it has become difficult to sort through them all. Fortunately Reel Good, a startup called Reelgood has come to the rescue, launching a centralized platform where users can search for the content they want. Its goal is to give TV watchers a single place to browse and discover what they’re looking for.

The Reelgood app is easy to use and can be used on iPads and smartphones. To get started, simply select the streaming services you’d like to view. Reelgood will track your favorite shows and movies, and will also give you useful information such as IMDB ratings and trailers. When you’re ready to watch, the app will begin playing the content you selected. A watchlist can be maintained with just a few clicks, which is a great feature for a new app.

Reelgood found that their database was outdated. It had no data on HBO’s “The Young Pope,” which was the biggest show on television in that year. Despite the fact that HBO spent a lot of money on marketing the show, “The Young Pope” wasn’t included in Reelgood’s database. Ultimately, HBO emailed Reelgood to request a fix. But the solution was to get a bigger database that included more data.

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