These “e-cigarettes” are referred to as such, but what really are they?

The user inhales an aerosol produced by heating a liquid solution, which is subsequently exhaled by the user. Aerosols are often referred to as “vapours” in the literature. Electronic cigarette use is colloquially referred to as “vaping” when the term “vaping” is used.

Cigarettes, cigars, pens, and memory sticks may all be found in the form of electronic cigarettes.

E-cigarette fluid may be any of the following:

Carcinogenic chemicals, particularly those that increase flavour, may be present in the food.

However, even when the label says it’s nicotine-free, it can still contain nicotine.

How safe are e-cigarettes?

No. Research on electronic cigarettes is still in its infancy, and hence researchers do not consider them to be safe.

All three of these substances are known to cause cancer, and they have been found in the liquids used in electronic cigarettes and the aerosol produced by these devices, as well as the vapour they produce.

DNA damage may be caused by some of the substances in e-cigarette aerosols.

E-cigarettes do not produce tar, which is the major cause of lung cancer, as regular cigarettes do. But a large number of scientists are concerned that using electronic cigarettes may increase the risk of developing lung disease, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.

E-cigarette users are more likely than non-users to consume conventional tobacco products at the same time (dual users). This is not, however, a dependable way to improve one’s health. With the addition of various ingredients to traditional tobacco products, people are at danger of absorbing more poisons from their bodies in the process.

Electronic cigarettes and liquids may be difficult to determine safe because of these factors:

  • Various devices and liquids may be purchased.
  • Often, their labelling is erroneous or missing critical information.
  • The user has the option of customising the e-cigarette in terms of both the liquid used and the way it works.
  • Certain diseases, such as cancer, may grow over an extended period of time.

Your doctor should discuss with you the idea of transitioning from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes that contain nicotine as an alternate means to quit smoking. It is against the law in Australia to purchase nicotine-free e-cigarettes without a prescription from a physician.

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