Be Wary Of These Factors While Selecting Mobile Apps!

Feel that the overall speed and performance of your smartphone has nosedived, after you have installed a couple of new apps in it? If yes, chances are that, you were not careful enough while checking the quality parameters and other specs of the mobile applications, before actually downloading them. Be it a free or a paid app, you need to factor in these considerations, prior to selecting it from the online stores:

  1. System requirements – An app has a host of cool, snazzy features – and you take an immediate fancy to it, without considering whether your smartphone has the right system settings for it. The result? The application would not function properly (if it at all works, that is!), and you will have to uninstall it pretty soon 交友app. While going through the features of new mobile applications, check their compatibility properties and system requirements too. Make sure you can actually use the apps you choose.
  2. Authenticity – It is not possible in the realm of iPhone app development or anywhere else – but for Android or Blackberry handsets, it is pretty easy to download and set up custom mobile applications (third-party). While this is generally viewed as an advantage, there remains the risk of downloading smartphone apps that have bugs/viruses in them. That’s precisely why it is always advisable to choose apps only from the iTunes Store, Blackberry App World, or Google Play Store.
  3. Bandwidth usage – If you do not wish your handset to become painfully slow after installing an application, pay attention to the amount of mobile bandwidth it would take up from beforehand. Apps with high bandwidth requirements place extra pressure on mobile OS, as a result of which device speed suffers. It’s not a matter of coincidence that the most popular mobile applications invariably take up very little of the default bandwidth of handsets.
  4. Graphics and general usability features – It does not make any sense to purchase mobile apps with intricate features and properties – which would take quite a time for you to get used to. The whole point about smartphone applications is that they should add value to your phone, from the time they are installed. The app development graphics have to be of the highest order, and getting a hang of its operational features should not take more than a few minutes. Unless an application is user-friendly, it is likely to remain unused.
  5. Too many apps – Speaking of unused smartphone apps, how many of them do you have on your handset? Top experts from iPhone application development companies advise against having too many apps on your phone that are not used regularly. Before you start browsing for new applications at the online stores, get rid of some of the old, redundant ones from your handset. Once again, your phone’s battery performance will remain protected.
  6. Availability of upgrades – Once you zero in on the mobile application(s) of your choice, try to find out how frequently its upgrades/later versions would become available. It maybe a personal budget management app, or a simple application for kids – but you do not wish to remain stuck with the same, dated version of it forever. If you wish to download an app that has been launched for the first time (initial version), consider inquiring the representatives of the developer company on this issue.
  7. Integration with phone features – Every mobile application development company comes up with plenty of apps that offer seamless integration with the default features in smartphones (e.g., GPS, camera, audio recorder, etc.). However, you need not take such promises at face value – and should actually ask about how the app of your choice would actually work with your phone tools. Avoid selecting an app that cannot make use of the features already present on a handset.
  8. Will the app work offline as well? – At the time of selecting an app itself, you need to get this query resolved. There are many mobile applications whose functionality gets affected when the network connectivity is not strong enough. Depending on your requirements, you might also require an app that works perfectly well offline too. Go through the description of the app provided at the online store – to be absolutely certain about this issue. Trying to work on an application that require network coverage in an offline environment can be immensely frustrating!
  9. Portability – This is particularly important for paid apps, which come with cross-platform functionalities. Make sure that you know whether the app(s) you have chosen are meant to work on a specific mobile application development platform, or can be used on all platforms with ease. If you are looking for iPhone applications, select the ones that can be used on iPads too

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