Grinders: The Definitive Reference

A grinder’s principal function is to reduce cannabis to smaller pieces, but this can also be accomplished well with one’s own hands. Although a grinder isn’t technically necessary, you’re more likely to keep using one if you’ve already experienced its benefits. Using a grinder instead of crushing marijuana dab press by hand is far more efficient and hygienic. Some grinders can isolate and store kief, a fine powder rich in the resin trichomes, in addition to grinding cannabis. This is a crucial feature to have.

Type of grinder

Think about what you want to get out of a grinder before going out and looking for one; this is also known as the intended purpose of the weed grinder.

Two to four, and more lately even five, pieces are commonly found in a grinder. Grinder models can be distinguished by the size of their burrs.


This is the simplest sort of grinder available, and it is used solely for grinding marijuana. Because of their small size and portability, these grinders are the best alternative for travelling. The grinding is extremely reliable and constant because of the simple design. Get your hands dirty if you’re using a two-piece grinder to get the last of the cannabis dust out of your fingers! Single-piece grinders, on the other hand, making it simpler to remove all of the cannabis. There are many different types of grinders, but two-piece grinders are the least expensive and most convenient for smokers who only smoke occasionally or need to travel their grinder from place to place.

Separate chambers on four-piece grinders can hold the kief, and a mesh screen can filter the kief itself. Except for the fact that they are three-piece grinders in every other way, they are exactly the same. A three- or four-piece grinder with a kief mesh is recommended for those who grind a lot of cannabis and wish to save the kief. Grinders come in all shapes and sizes. The disadvantage of a three- or four-piece grinder is that it has a complicated construction, making it much more difficult to get a good finish. In addition, because there are more pieces, cleaning takes longer and is more difficult.

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